ALLERGIES (4): Using Natural Ways To Treat Allergies

Before diving into using foods as a natural way to seek relief from allergy symptoms, it is important to note that eating healthy foods enables your body and immune system to be in top-notch health. This does not only prevent you from developing allergies, but it also helps you to reduce your allergy symptoms or at least makes them easier to manage.

 Unluckily, allergy sufferers do not always benefit from medicine. That pushes many people to resort to natural relief instead of medication.

 The important thing to be noted here is that to seek allergy relief you can use natural as well as over-the-counter products. In fact, using natural remedies can sometimes be safer and cheaper than using prescribed medication. In addition, you can use certain foods to fight other types of allergies. But if you suffer from food allergies, it is better to avoid this approach so as not to cause another allergic reaction that you are trying to prevent.

Basically, certain foods, such as lime juice mixed with lukewarm water, vegetable juices, and eating one or two bananas a day, can help seek relief if you have mold and mildew allergies, pet allergies, and seasonal allergies.

Fresh lime juice

Plus, eating foods that contain vitamin B5 is another natural way to remove allergy symptoms. In fact, vitamin supplements are not medicines even though some individuals consider them as such. Using supplements to fight allergies is more natural than using prescribed medication, provided that you don’t exceed one supplement of vitamin B5 a day for not more than three months.

With that said, there are still other steps to take to seek relief from allergies. The most important one is to avoid trigger factors. For example, you should remove yourself from areas that have mold and mildew if you suffer from mold and mildew allergies. Also, if you suffer from dust allergies, you ought to clean your home and furniture more often to decrease the amount of dust that may gather over time.


As stated above, it is recommended to eat foods with caution if you have food allergies, as certain food allergies can be more severe than others. More than that, some foods, such as peanuts, may end up with a person in a hospital or even grave within minutes. Because of that, if you experience food allergies, you should not only reduce the number of foods you consume but eliminate them completely.  

With that being said, to avoid any confusion which you may have related to what you should or should not do if you suffer from any type of allergy, try to carry out online research or invest in some natural remedy guides or books designed to help people seek relief from allergies. 

Such a proven natural remedy is squeezing the juice into a lukewarm glass of water, sweetening it with a teaspoon of bee honey, and drinking the mixture daily for about a few months. What is nice about this recipe is that, in addition to providing you with relief, it can help to detoxify your body.

Bee honey

There are many other natural remedies that were proven by scientific studies to be effective in treating allergies, and which are recommended by medical professionals. Some of these remedies are vegetable juices, such as carrot juice that can be taken either alone or mixed with cucumber and beet.

In addition to the above-stated remedies, we have bananas. They can help relieve your skin allergies or skin rashes if you eat one or two bananas daily for one or two months. Other fruits that you can consume to seek relief from allergies are apples and grapes. Health professionals recommend that individuals should start by eating one fruit every day, then add something else after a couple of days or weeks, especially when they are fasting.

Green tea

Another way to fight allergies is by drinking green tea. Some teas have natural antihistamines in them. These are a great and affordable way to seek relief. Even teas without natural antihistamines in them can help, as tea is known for its calming effect. 

Although the above-mentioned food products will likely provide you with relief, it is important to proceed with caution and examine the foods and drinks that should be avoided. It all depends on what type of allergy you suffer from. For example, Those who suffer from allergies are encouraged to avoid caffeine drinks, such as coffee and soda as well as alcohol.

This is because these items contain many additives which are known for making the body unnatural and impure

Plus,  bananas were cited above as a great way to help those who develop skin rashes that resulted from touching pets. With that said, food allergy sufferers should always eat bananas with caution, as they may themselves develop allergic reactions. If you do have a food allergy, do the proper internet research or invest in remedy books first for additional remedies that are convenient, affordable, and easy to implement at home. There are a number of websites online that list home remedies for you to access, free of charge, namely trusted medical websites like and Then, you may schedule a visit with your doctor.  

Coffee cup and coffee beans

Allergy Medications: Which Ones Are the Best?

Despite the existence of natural ways, many individuals resort to prescribed or over-the-counter medication for the treatment of allergy symptoms., although they are themselves uncertain of which ones to use.

When it comes to deciding which allergy medication to use, one has to take a number of important points. One of those points is the type of allergy. For instance, different people may be suffering from different types of allergies. Some suffer from pet allergies, others suffer from mold allergies, others suffer from food allergies, and so forth. Some medicines may suit particular allergy sufferers but may not suit others with different allergies. One of the best approaches to take is to speak with a professional healthcare provider who, in addition to giving you a prescription, may provide you with ways to fight your allergy symptoms.  If your doctor prescribes an allergy medication to you, there are chances that that medicine is likely to work. If a medicine is not prescribed, it is still a good idea to ask your doctor about over-the-counter products, namely which ones work the best, or do the research online.

Insurance is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Individuals who don’t have health insurance may find themselves unable to pay for the cost of a healthcare visit and as well as the cost of the prescribed medicines. You are advised to opt for over-the-counter medications if you are one of those people. The good news is that medicines that you could not buy without a prescription can now be bought without a prescription. If you decide to rely on over-the-counter allergy medicines, you are advised to do a little bit of research first You can, for example, visit some online pharmacy websites such as and for rating and reviewing medical products. By doing so, you will get a clear idea about whether you should buy a product or not.

Moreover, there is a good chance to find some of your friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers who suffer from the same allergies. So don’t hesitate to ask them for any advice based on their previous experience.

How to Buy Allergy Medications

When it comes to determining how and where you can buy allergy relief medicine, you will find that it all depends on what you need or what to buy. As an example, prescribed medicines require a doctor’s signature and seal, whereas over-the-counter products don’t require anything. To buy allergy medicines, there are lots of options available for you. Some of them are outlined below.

As previously stated, a prescription medication for allergies will first require the approval of a medical professional.  To get a prescription medication, it is advised that you schedule an appointment.  It is a great idea if you have insurance, as it is usually affordable for you to seek professional advice. If you have prescription coverage, any type of prescription may work. But if you don’t have health insurance look for generic products, because they are often much more affordable. To fill your prescription, just visit any of your local pharmacies. 

If you have multiple pharmacies to choose from, you will have to take many important factors into consideration. Choosing the right pharmacy is actually a lot more important than many may think. If you have health insurance, make sure to search for a pharmacy that accepts it. Also, look for affordable prices, as not all pharmacies charge the same amount of money. Pharmacies are most well known for their selling of prescription medications, but they also have the largest selection of over-the-counter products with affordable prices.  Although most allergy sufferers do have many buying options, most feel more comfortable when shopping at a pharmacy or drugstore

Customer service should also be examined. Make sure that you have all of your questions answered. You should always leave a pharmacy with more information, not with more questions.  

If you must pay a percentage, instead of a traditional copay, or if you do not have prescription coverage, look for better alternatives such as discount stores or local stores which are known for their affordable prices. Many off-brands or store brands are also available or sold, even with allergy relief medicines. Pharmacies can also be found in many department stores, like Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target. This is great if you are looking for the best over-the-counter allergy relief medicines.

As a recap, stronger prescription medications require approval from a doctor. As for over-the-counter products, they can be purchased both online and offline. 


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