Pets Allergies

When we, as humans, think of allergies, we rarely consider pet allergies. But dogs are, in fact, the animals that frequently suffer from allergies.

To determine whether your dog or pet has allergies or not, lots of people do not know the procedure. For beginners, it is recommended to search for the symptoms. In fact, some pet allergy symptoms are similar to the ones that humans show. One of the most common allergy signs that your pet may have is constant itching.  Another sign is skin irritation,  which goes hand in hand with itching.

Although it is somehow easy for some pet owners to know if their pets are experiencing allergies, for others it is not. If that applies to you, you will have to seek medical attention for your dog, cat, or any other pet that may have allergies.  A vet can do many tests, and examine your pets’ skins to determine if they are suffering from allergies. If you notice that your dog or cat is itching a specific area of its body for more than two or three days, a visit to the vet may be a must. The same thing applies to broken skin or any skin rash. If you leave your pets untreated, they may develop a much worse infection than having ordinary allergies. 

If the vet prescribes any medications for your pet or gives you any advice, that should be strictly respected, as some medications, such as antibiotics and antifungal creams for rashes or infections, are prescribed for animals only, and not for humans. Despite the various treatments provided, most of them are likely to benefit pets and enable them to get relief. 

Another preventative step to be taken is that if your dog is allergic to a specific weed in your backyard, you will need to remove it or keep your dog away from the area.

Symptoms Of Pet Allergies

When it comes to pet allergies, it is sometimes difficult for some individuals to determine if they truly have a pet allergy or not. This is because some of the symptoms that many individuals experience can be caused by pet allergies, and may have completely different medical complications. That is why it is advised that those who think they have a pet allergy must seek medical advice as soon as possible, especially the symptoms of a pet allergy and those of a human allergy can sometimes be similar. 

The most common symptoms of pet allergies are the following: sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, skin rash, and nasal congestion.

It is very important to note that if you experience any of these symptoms, you have to determine whether these symptoms are present in you when you are alone, or when you are around pets.

As for why itching and watery eyes are symptoms, it is because the pet dander, which many sufferers are allergic to, can get into the eyes and cause irritation, especially when rubbed more.

Similarly, a skin rash, which resembles an eczema outbreak, is most commonly associated with trigger factors that individuals are allergic to. A rash is likely to develop after you come into close contact with a cat or dog, especially if you hold it. If you notice that you have developed a particular skin rash, avoid any type of itching, despite the strong desire you may feel to do so, as this can lead to more skin irritation. 

As for what causes these symptoms, it is the allergic reactions which most individuals show to animal dander, the skin that an animal flakes and sheds.  With that said, some people do experience problems with animal urine, pet hair, and saliva. Visiting a doctor or performing a few experiments at home can give you a better idea about the factor that causes an allergic reaction.

 Unfortunately, people who experience pet allergies are more likely to have asthma as well. Combined, the two can lead to painful and irritating symptoms, which tend to include lung congestion, shortness of breath, and wheezing.  So try to seek medical attention If you can’t afford medication.

Tips For Managing Pet Allergies

Just remember that you can get pet allergies even if you are not a pet owner. So to avoid catching these types of allergies, you should follow the tips outlined below, as this can help you save a lot of time and stress.

  • First, consider removing the pet or pets from your home, or at least keep them off of your bedroom, as it is the most common place in the home where we spend much of our time.
Woman cuddling her pets
  • Second, if you can’t remove pets from your home for a reason or another, avoid cuddling your pets because, as stated above, close contact with a cat or a dog is one of the many ways of the development of skin rashes. If you love or appreciate playing with your animals, do this from afar.
  • Third, try to keep your pets away from your furniture, including your beds, reclining chairs, and couches. In addition, be sure to change your covers and wash them every few days or whenever you notice a large accumulation of pet hair.

  • Fourth, get the habit of vacuuming as frequently as possible to relieve the symptoms of pet allergies. Invest some money in a vacuum cleaner of good quality, namely the one that uses HPTA technology. There are vacuum cleaners that are designed for and marketed towards pet owners. They can be very helpful for your pets which may be suffering from allergies. Also, they can enable you to get air off of bedding and furniture using the attachments that come with them. Vacuum cleaners that use HPTA technology come with highly rated and recommended filters which can help pick up and remove pet hair and dander.
Vacuum cleaner

  • Fifth, consider buying an air purifier that can be used to remove potentially harmful particles from the air, including pet dander. Like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers are machines whose goal is to eliminate contaminants from the air. Common contaminants include dirt, dust, dust mites, pet dander, secondhand tobacco smoke, mold, and mildew. These purifiers rely on filters that trap many contaminants in the air, preventing them from reentering. There are air purifiers that also use HPTA technology, and which are marketed towards those who suffer from allergies. These types of purifiers are known for producing the best results.
  • Sixth, clean your home as much as possible to eliminate mold and large amounts of dust that accumulate over time.

As we have already seen, allergies come in a number of different forms and those suffering from allergies have different symptoms. Therefore, you should go about a number of affordable ways that correspond to your symptoms so that you can seek relief from these allergies.

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