Tips To Consider When Buying A Phone Charger

     The phone charger is one of the accessories that is consumed a lot, and it is the first thing that may be damaged from a lot of use, and that depends on the method of use and the quality of the product itself, so we resort to buying another charger, but one of the problems that users fall into is the lack of interest while buying the charger, all they care about is buying a suitable charger for charging the phone and nothing else important about it. 

But this concept is 100% wrong because not buying a suitable charger for the phone may cause damage to the battery and possibly the charging circuits inside the phone, which sometimes leads to accidents with the explosion of the phone, but what are the things that should be taken into account when buying charger? This is what we will talk about in today’s article. 

1. Where To Buy The Charger: 

    Do not buy the charger from any store, even if the charger is very similar to the original. What matters to us is that the internal components of the charger are of high quality and do not harm the phone or battery. So it is recommended to buy the charger from approved stores such as official agencies for phones and phone accessories. If you do not find the original phone charger, you can buy the brands suggested by the same agency, as their quality is good and reliable.

 2. Reading The Information Written On The Product: 

     Also, one of the important things that you should pay attention to in the beginning is to know the information about the original charger, especially the details given on the charger body itself. For example, if the original charger of the

phone outputs a voltage difference of 5 volts and a current of 2 amps, then you should buy a charger that outputs these same values, neither less nor more so as not to damage the battery or charging circuits. Also, to ensure that the written guidelines are correct and genuine, you can install the Ampere application from the Play Store. This application measures the current entering the phone. If you find more or less current than what is indicated in the charger, then this charger is not guaranteed. You can do this test while you are in the store. It is your right to try the charger before buying it and paying for it.

3. Additional Features Of The Charger:

  Some phones now support the fast charging feature such as modern Samsung phones. If you want to buy a charger, you must make sure that this charger supports this feature as well. You will find this feature written on it. You can also make sure that the phone charges fast when you connect it to the charger. If the phone doesn’t charge fast, then the charger is of bad quality, even if the fast charging feature is written on it.  Do not expect the charger to charge the phone quickly because this feature is supported by the phone and the charger together.

   I hope I have provided you with something useful for this matter, and I emphasize once again on taking these tips seriously, because as I mentioned above, buying the wrong charger may cost you a lot of money to repair the phone, and may cost you a lot of money to treat your injury in case the phone explodes. 

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