Secrets And Tips For Buying The Right Outdoor Or External Surveillance Cameras

    Before buying outdoor security cameras, you should know the best types of outdoor home security cameras and understand some basic things to choose the most suitable for you at lower costs. In this article, I will explain to you how to choose the right outdoor camera for the yard, garage, and garden. There are many options available in the market in terms of size, standards, and also characteristics that may make choosing the one that is right for you a difficult task.

   With the increase in crime and theft at the present time, homes are more likely to be stolen than banks and companies, and their owners suffer from concerns and dangers posed by criminals to their property and lives.

   That is why surveillance cameras, especially external cameras, have become necessary because the threat comes from outside. So how do we make sure that we choose the most suitable camera for our needs and at the same time at lower costs so as not to waste your budget on what you don’t need?

Factors to consider when buying an outdoor camera:

  1. Night Vision

   Crimes are usually committed at night, so the surveillance cameras must have good night vision with a lot of infrared LED lights. And also a smart night vision that can reduce the intense light when someone approaches the camera.

 2. Viewing Angle

   Your camera should have a good viewing angle while maintaining image quality. If you can choose an external camera that combines the two, you will have a wider coverage and more ability to monitor people and movements in a high-quality image. For this, I recommend cameras with a viewing angle of 3.6 mm if you are thinking of installing more than 4 external cameras; but if you want a wider view with the fewest cameras, I recommend the angle of view of 2.8 mm, but taking into account the quality, the cameras should not be less than 4 Megapixel.

 3. Digital Noise Reduction

 The digital noise reduction feature is very important to help you distinguish people and see them clearly at night, when the lighting is weak or dim, there is noise at night and the image is weak and unclear.

4. Image Resolution

    When you watch a video on YouTube or any other video platform of theft or crime documented by the surveillance camera, you often cannot see the criminal’s face clearly, and this is due to this poor choice of the camera because of the image resolution is weak. Cameras are now high-resolution, measured in megapixels.


   Now with the development of this field, security cameras have become giving you a clear and high-resolution image. We find 4 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel cameras, and they support 4k. These sizes provide high accuracy and people identification capabilities even after zooming in. Image quality is not lost due to Image Pixelation.

 5. Active Long Range WDR

   In the past, this feature was only available in expensive professional cameras, but now it is available in-home cameras as well. I will explain to you what its role is; During the day, we have a part of the image in which the sun is lit and another part is dark in which there is a shadow. The Wide Dynamic Range feature creates a balance between the two parts so that the image does not appear in its undefined raised or dark shadows and loses quality and detail on people’s faces and objects. This feature is also useful if the camera is installed under a door canopy or a shaded area and directed to a sunlit area.

 Water And High-Temperature Resistance

 Some people think that buying cheap cameras or indoor cameras and placing them in places where the sun and raindrops do not reach will be protected. This is a common mistake because there are many other factors such as humidity, dust, heat, and other natural factors that affect the work of surveillance cameras. That is why outdoor cameras with high weather resistance should always be used, and the degree of water resistance and other factors is measured by IP.

 Very important information. If you intend to buy outdoor cameras and your area knows heavy rain, snow and storms, I advise you to choose cameras with high resistance, IP67 standard and above.

6. Camera Size

  Among the misconceptions that people think is that the larger the camera, the better it is in quality and wider in terms of viewing angle. Outdoor surveillance cameras in homes do not have to be too much large. 

 Big Outdoor Camera

   It should be reasonably sized because if the cameras are visible from afar, the thief will see them and take precautions, he may find a successful plan to cut the wires or look for blind spots. That’s why home cameras should be reasonably sized to be acceptable for the general view and also so that your neighbors wouldn’t think you’re spying on their homes.

     What Type Of Outdoor Camera Is Suitable For The Home And Its Surroundings?

   Many types of cameras are used in outdoor surveillance, but the most widely used camera is the Bullet Camera. The reason for its spread is due to the flexibility it provides in its location and its low price compared to other types.

Surveillance Cameras For Homes And Shops

    New types of outdoor surveillance cameras have appeared and offer advanced options, such as the Smart Bullet Camera, which features a 180-degree rotation, zoom and tracking feature, and is less bulky and expensive than PTZ cameras.

 Other cameras have also appeared in the market, which record audio and video without the need for a microphone.

 Surveillance Cameras With Sound And Flash Function

   External cameras with a 360° panoramic view can cover a large area with one camera and we call it in the market fisheye camera.


    Outdoor surveillance cameras are your number one weapon against an outside threat. Whoever wants to attack your property and threaten your security and the security of your family. This is why your choice must be right and appropriate to your needs. Therefore, I advise everyone who wants to install cameras in his home to buy cameras from well-known and trusted brands to ensure quality and stability and not fall into problems with cameras. The last thing you shouldn’t fall into is to find your cameras working and not recording when a problem occurs or you are under threat. What is the need for surveillance cameras if you do not use them in times of necessity and danger?

     I hope this article is useful for those who are going to buy an outdoor camera to protect their homes and properties.


I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or professional, and I don’t play one on the internet. So the information provided herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Plus, before taking any decision based on what you find on this website, you are advised to consult a doctor or professional.

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